Creating photography for me is a lifelong obsession, a constant effort. It reflects my experience and outlook. It's a memory, or something I create for the joy of it. I also like helping people with interesting projects. I know I can achieve something great for them. 

My personal challenge is to always deliver the most striking image, no matter what I am shooting. Regardless of the subject, my photography is driven with technical correctness, creativity & style, and brand awareness. 

Delivering an image that grabs the viewer’s attention with eye-catching photography. That’s my focus. 

Producing results. Telling the Story.

I help the business owner gain brand exposure with images that tell their story with impact. Each project demands a unique vision. Your insight, my creative vision. Beautiful results!

The experience will be pleasant, professional, and time efficient. A consultation and detailed quote sets the expectation for client and photographer. Images may be purchased for personal enjoyment, or licensed for commercial use. A private online gallery of your images provided for convenient viewing & ordering. 


I look forward to hear about your upcoming project.   Thank you & please enjoy all the themed galleries!

Cheers, Barbara

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