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Commercial Photography business owner since 2011.
Serious hobbyist since age 17. You do the math!


Peninsula Camera Club


Central Park Recreation Center, 50 E. 5th Ave, San Mateo, CA
Member  Board Member 2007 - present   
Board Position(s)   Membership 2009 -2010
President -2 terms     2010 - 2012
Education Chair          2013 - present


Snappers Photography Group

Private Monthly Photography Group - 2013 - Present
Leader, Facilitator, Mentor, Collaborator, Task Master


Coastal Art League Gallery


300 Main St. Half Moon Bay, CA
Board Member    Membership Development   2018
Exhibit Curator & Judge      California Coast Exhibit - Sept. 2017 (Mixed Media)
Curator          Cityscapes & Urban Life Exhibit – Sept.2018 


Half Moon Bay
Chamber of Commerce

Member 2013 - Present


BNI Group Organization

Business Networking International 2013 – 2018


Exhibits, Places
& Other Things

Millbrae Art Festival Booth 2010

Presenter Speaker - Master Gardener Club, HMB, Peninsula Jewish Center, Village of Coastside

Juried Exhibits - Peninsula Community Jewish Center (PJCC),   Coastside Land Protection Trust (2), (4) Coastal Art League Gallery  2014-2018 Exhibit Shows, Foster City Community Gallery, and Avenue 25 Gallery San Mateo


Things I’m Proud of


2016 Peninsula Camera Club - Honorary Lifetime  Achievement - Eugene Parks Service Award

Book Cover  Getting Old - author Marian Herold - vintage image retouch

Company fleet Vehicle Wrap


Things I Like to Do


Time with family, friends, photography friends & network groups. Travel. Gardening. Subjects related to photography. Living on the coast near the ocean, or in the snow and trees of the CA Sierra’s.