Personal Views on Photography


I enjoy color. Bold appeals to me. Using creative license with an image, taking it off the edge of reality creates an exciting view.   

I like form because it becomes a graphic for me. I want to show a subject's unique quality, and in just that moment, capture it. I want to deliver dynamic impact to the viewer, while satisfying my own interest in the subject.


People ask " What do you like to shoot?" My answer: "Whatever is of interest and seen in that moment".   


Interests:    Natural World, Beautiful Places, Compelling Scenes.

Styles:        Close Views, Landscapes, Graphics, Color, Light, Form. 

Subjects:     Flowers, Cars, Architecture, Travel, Objects, Characters, Nature & City Scenes.

                   But wait...there's more!


"Once photography enters your bloodstream, it is like a disease. " Anonymous


Photography has been in my bloodstream since '71. It was all about F-stops, shutter speeds and what a camera can do. I explored monochrome printing in my dark-room; that made me consider tonality and light. I worked w/cibachrome for slides; that helped me to take away a better understanding of color cast issues. I enjoyed being around other photographers, taking community classes, reading photography books & magazines. I got into digital in the early 90's but it bored me at first because it appeared so automated. I lost interest for awhile in the concepts of photography and just recorded our family & personal events. In'99, I was back into it - learning Photoshop and the DSLR's features.  

Technology has evolved so now there are so many interesting ways people use the visual to communicate. It is an exciting time.

I enjoy post process editing, because it is another time to create, after the composition.  Ongoing projects keep me disciplined and engaged in discovery. I need to continue to shoot more and experiment with new technical approaches. 

Webinars, blogs, online sites, workshops, seminars, other photographers, and just getting out every week to shoot, all offer me avenues to immerse in my passion.

Thanks very much for your interest. Please leave your impressions. Feedback is vital. If you enjoyed it, please forward to your people! 


I know what I like, but what here inspires you?


Enjoy your life every day!