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Create a powerful VISUAL IMPRESSION for your business

Direct your customer to YOUR MESSAGE

Let great pictures TELL YOUR STORY

A marketing message with VISUAL IMPACT

supports SALES GOALS


Think about these ideas to increase traffic to your business!


  • Select a theme of Images to Frameand display at your business.

           Special discounts for theme purchases

  • Get your message out visually on a variety of Promotional Gift Products.

          Discount pricing ~ quantity breaks ~  Delivery

  • Let's together create a marketing / advertising campaign for Media, Web and Print.  

 Project quotes ~ stock photo usuage fees



I specialize in informal Event Photography. Capture the memory of your special event!

Personal Celebrations

Family Occasions

Business Events

   Project proposal quotes 


Ready to let go of cherished possessions?  Would a captured memory help?

Subject Photo Shoots

Your vintage car, your four-legged friend, Grandma's jewelry... 

The list goes on..You get the idea!   

Your recorded memory will be presented to you in a beautifully finished, design of choice.

You will cherish it!

Fees by photo session


Reach me to discuss details here.

Sure you can do it yourself, but if impact is what you desire, let me help you get it right! 

With experience in sales and marketing, my focus is to visually represent you to reach your target audience.  








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like color.  I appreciate tonal quality, color of light, finding the shape.  

My subject matter is usually a part of nature, a compelling scene, a particular object. Often, I prefer a simple, close view.
Landscapes and scenes from nature, travel images, flowers, cars, architecture, product shots, graphic subjects, cemeteries, animals, humans in a contextual setting... the list goes on! I enjoy creative image manipulation; giving the subject only a slightly different feel from reality.

 "Once photography enters your bloodstream, it is like a disease. " Anonymous 

Photography has been a lifelong passion. I practiced f-stops & shutter speed.  I was a Minolta fan, big on macro zoom lens and using filters to create special effect, even back then.  A bathroom darkroom set-up helped me to learn about monochrome and color, doing cibachrome processing. (early 70's) Other interests included reading Time Life Photography, collecting books to study other photographer's.   If I had only kept all the photography magazines I've read the last 30 years; what history!  

My husband encouraged me to move to digital in the early 90's.  I started Photoshop 7 in '99. I currently shoot with a Nikon D300, 18 - 200mm, 60mm micro, plus rent a variety of lens, depending on the shoot.  I want the new D-800 ...quite the powerful camera body!

Currently I use Photoshop - CS4. I like the quality the Nik Suite offers. I organize my images in Lightroom ver.3.0  It's a fabulously easy, powerful program. 

I enjoy post editing because it's another time to create.  I have projects of interest, constantly in development.  It is a discipline to practice ways to keep my vision engaged in discovery.  I need to always shoot more and experiment with new technical approaches.  It's never enough! 

I try to learn something new every week. Webinars, blogs, online sites, workshops, seminars, other photographers, all offer me avenues to immerse myself in this passion. 

Thanks for your interest.  Please leave me your impressions.  Feedback is vital.  I know what I like, but what inspires you?


Enjoy your life every day!